The Custom Plumbing Story

One Customer. One Job. One Focus.

Nearly three decades ago, Jim Hollabaugh set out to grow his one-man plumbing business into an operation that was not just larger than the typical South Florida plumbing companies of the time, but better.

“During the ‘80s,” Hollabaugh says, “the economy in the Greater Palm Beaches was thriving. Homeowners of luxury residences were demanding not only competent, professional and personal service, but installation and repair of the newest plumbing technologies and the highest-quality fixtures.

“A lot of new businesses were also migrating to the area at that time,” he says, “requiring those same advanced technologies and product, but on a commercial scale. The mom and pops just couldn’t keep up with demand and maintain the same customer service and personal attention. I knew then, however, that we could.”

According to Hollabaugh, he had no secret business plan to accomplish what his competitors seemingly could not; only a drive to learn about the newest technologies in the industry and serve a growing number of customers, yet never stray from his No. 1 overriding concern: —“One customer. One job. One focus.” His plan worked.

“Today we service residential and commercial customers with tremendously complex demands,” Hollabaugh says. “Eco-friendly plumbing, complicated commercial construction, large luxury estates with homeowners whose concerns range from privacy to purification. No matter the scope of the work, however—from replacing a simple home fixture to plumbing an entire new residential development or commercial building—none of our customers would ever know that we service anyone but them. That’s why they continue to return time after time, decade after decade.”